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First Lady Melania Trump has been "looked downward on and slighted by jeering nonconformists the nation over" while "completing a splendid activity" as indicated by Julia Roberts, who likewise proclaimed that previous First Lady Michelle Obama "isn't fit to clean to clean her can."

Julia Roberts was talking on the New York set of her new film, as important photography started on the show Ben Is Back.

Michelle Obama visited the film creation while in the region and Julia Roberts consented to meet her, anyway she opened up about the contrasts between America's latest First Ladies when Michelle left the set.

"Melania has her needs straight and she is an extraordinary case for our young ladies," Julia Roberts said. "Michelle? Discussion about a two-timer."

The news comes days after Julia Roberts hammered Celine Dion for condemning the POTUS and expressing that she "despises America."

"I can't take a gander at an American banner any longer. I despise this nation," Canadian Celine Dion stated, while griping about the Trump administration.

"That is no joke," Julia Roberts terminated back. "The America we know and love was decimated by Obama and his unfortunate administration. In the event that you differ you can generally return to your very own nation. Indeed, maybe you should."

v Celine Dion was one of many liberal big names who "compromised" to leave the United States and come back to their countries if America chose Donald Trump as president.

Up until this point, an amazing aggregate of zero of these liberal famous people have finished their danger to leave. The sheer false reverence makes it difficult to trust they truly feel as unequivocally as they guarantee about Trump.

It's everything sight-seeing and prudence motioning from the superstar dependent upon the left.


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